The collection features wide-ranging animation styles from diverse animators from around the world. From the masters of stop motion, Jan Svankmajer and Kihachioro Kawamoto, to our collection of Oscar-Winning Animated Shorts from the National Film Board of Canada, OVID's animation collection examines a broad range of subjects from atrocities in the Belgian Congo (THIS MAGNIFICENT CAKE) to life in a senior living community (Ignacio Ferreras' WRINKLES), to a clever rendering of the history of modern art (Dan Franck's The Adventurers of Modern Art).

Other highlights include Jan Svankmajer's FAUST and ALICE. In both, the legendary surrealist of cinema retells these classic stories through a frightening mix of live-action footage, stop-motion animation, puppetry, and claymation. We know you'll enjoy this survey of world-class animation gems