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Midnight Traveler — Available Thursday, May 30, 2024
Directed by Hassan Fazili • Documentary • With Hassan Fazili, Fatima Hussaini • 2019 • 88 minutes • Oscilloscope Laboratories

When the Taliban puts a bounty on Afghan director Hassan Fazili’s head, he is forced to flee the country with his wife and two young daughters. Capturing the family’s uncertain journey firsthand, Fazili documents their harrowing trek across numerous borders revealing the danger and uncertainty facing refugees seeking asylum juxtaposed with the unbreakable love shared amongst the family on the run.

Henry Miller - Prophet of Desire — Available Friday, May 31, 2024
Directed by Gero von Boehm • Documentary • 2016 • 52 minutes • First Hand Films

Henry Miller had five wives and considered himself bound to both the continent of Europe and to the US. This portrait is a close-up of the life of the extraordinary Miller, who, rebellious and narcissistic, entered the realm of the appetites, yet also maintained a vision of a freer society for all humans. A sorcerer of literature to many and a reliable source of scandal throughout his life, Miller's …

Torremolinos 73 — Available Friday, May 31, 2024
Directed by Pablo Berger • Drama • With Javier Cámara, Candela Peña • 2003 • 91 minutes • First Run Features

Spain, circa 1973. Alfredo is a struggling door to door encyclopedia salesman. Meanwhile his wife Carmen is obsessed with becoming a mother. Alfredo’s boss gives Alfredo a choice: make 'educational' sex films at home for a Scandinavian distributor, or get fired. Alfredo chooses the former, and it quickly becomes apparent that a) Alfredo has a knack for directing and b) Carmen is a fabulous actress! …

Ella's Riot - Rahčan — Available Tuesday, June 4, 2024
Directed by Anne Marthe Blindheim • Documentary • 2023 • 72 minutes • First Hand Films

Sami singer Ella is torn between her strong ties to her hometown in Finnmark and her new life in Oslo with her boyfriend and a successful career with her band ISÁK. But when a mining company threatens Sami land and water, she decides to leave town to save her home. Ella’s weapon is her voice: Song, music and the fact that she dares to stand on the barricades and shout loudly. But then, her music career …

Homecoming - Máhccan — Available Tuesday, June 4, 2024
Directed by Suvi West, Anssi Kömi • Documentary • 2023 • 76 minutes • First Hand Films

Filmmaker Suvi West takes the audience behind the scenes of the museum world, revealing a visual, philosophical, and spiritual realm. Sámi herself, she seeks a connection with her ancestors through old museum objects, eventually arriving at the collective pain points of the Sámi people. How can the damage caused by outsiders be repaired so that collective pains can be left behind? ';Máhccan - Homecoming'; …

The Prison Promise — Available Thursday, June 6, 2024
Directed by Joseph Ndjom • Documentary • 2021 • 55 minutes • Sudu Connexion

Detyr and his partner Adele exchanged a promise while they were still prisoners — to make their life together once released. Now established in the village of Nkonga (Cameroon), their desire to marry faces opposition from Detyr's family.

One Bullet — Available Friday, June 7, 2024
Directed by Carol Dysinger • Documentary • 2023 • 92 minutes • First Hand Films

This story of intimate female friendship forged amidst America's longest war is told by a filmmaker who spent fifteen years in and out of Afghanistan. In this war movie, the battlefield lies behind the curtains of an Afghan home as Bibi Hajji struggles to survive the loss of her youngest child and the impact of a brother's death on her remaining sons. A haunting image of that boy surviving a bullet …

Contact, Ep. 1 - Muhammad Ali by Thomas Hoepker — Available Wednesday, June 12, 2024
Directed by Mario Paloschi, Gianluigi Attorre • Documentary • 2014 • 26 minutes • First Hand Films

German photographer Thomas Hoepker, reveals the story behind one of the most iconic pictures in the history of sports: the portrait of boxing legend Muhammad Alì.

Contact, Ep. 3 - Tiananmen Square by Stuart Franklin — Available Wednesday, June 12, 2024
Directed by Mario Paloschi, Gianluigi Attorre • Documentary • 2014 • 26 minutes • First Hand Films

A lonely man facing Chinese tanks on Tiananmen Square is often described as the most famous photo of the 20th century. Stuart Franklin led us to the 5th of June 1989, when the unknown rioter faced the regime.

Contact, Ep. 4 - Margaret Thatcher by Peter Marlow — Available Wednesday, June 12, 2024
Directed by Mario Paloschi, Gianluigi Attorre • Documentary • 2014 • 26 minutes • First Hand Films

Margaret Thatcher, the Iron Lady, governed the UK for 11 years. The photo taken by Peter Marlow, during the Conservative Party Congress in 1981, would turn out to be the most representative portrait.

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— Added Tuesday, May 28, 2024
Directed by Leon Marr • Drama • With Linda Thorson, Stuart Margolin • 2017 • 108 minutes • First Run Features

Katherine Mitchell (Linda Thorson), a widowed yet vibrant senior, wasn't looking for love a second time - not at her age, and certainly not with grumpy Isaac Shapiro (Stuart Margolin). Despite the nosey bunch of seniors in the residence where Katherine convalesces after breaking her hip, she and Isaac warm to each other over their shared love of music. Against unforeseen obstacles, their love blooms … More

— Added Friday, May 24, 2024
Directed by Corneliu Porumboiu • Drama • With Diana Avramut • 2014 • 89 minutes • Cinema Guild

A director asks his actress whether she’s comfortable doing a nude scene. As long as its justified, she says. Don’t worry, he replies. So begins Corneliu Porumboiu’s deliciously witty new film. Shot inside non-descript hotel lobbies, restaurants and apartments – places that lie on the periphery of a movie set, When Evening Falls on Bucharest or Metabolism follows Paul, a director of some renown, who … More

— Added Thursday, May 23, 2024
Directed by Hans Petter Moland • Drama • With Lena Headey, Charlotte Rampling, Stellan Skarsgard • 2000 • 103 minutes • First Run Features

Kaisa (Lena Headey), a beautiful and feisty Scottish woman, finally has her life least until her mother (Charlotte Rampling) asks an enormous favor: to bring back to her Kaisa's estranged father (Stellan Skarsgard). The two of them, father and daughter together, set out on a wild, brutally funny yet heartbreaking journey that takes them through their emotional past, before reaching their … More

Directed by Fatou Cissé • Documentary • With Souleymane Cissé, Martin Scorsese, Costa-Gavras, Baba Diop • 2022 • 73 minutes • Monument Releasing / Visit Films

A Daughter’s Tribute to Her Father: Souleymane Cissé is the story of a filmmaker as told by his daughter. Through interviews with his friends, family, and collaborators, this film traces the life of the great Malian filmmaker Souleymane Cissé from his childhood to today.

— Added Tuesday, May 21, 2024
Directed by Maïram Guissé • Documentary • 2022 • 52 minutes • Sudu Connexion

This is a daughter telling the story of her mother. For a long time, she saw her without really looking at her. But now, her mother is on the eve of retirement, preparing a long trip back to Senegal. So Maïram wants to understand who is the woman behind her mother. She tells the story of Fatimata and her faithful friends, who have conquered, year after year, their space of freedom.

— Added Tuesday, May 21, 2024
Directed by Erika Etangsalé • Documentary • 2021 • 51 minutes • Sudu Connexion

Jean-René is a retired workman who has lived in Mâcon, France, since emigrating from Reunion Island at the age of 17. Today, for the first time ever, the quiet man recounts his story to his daughter. His journey is interspersed with enigmatic dreams and pains that are rooted in the wounds of the French colonial past.

— Added Friday, May 17, 2024
Directed by Kees Schaap • Documentary • 2016 • 42 minutes • First Hand Films

In Moscow, Fidan visits Novaja Gazeta, one of the few critical newspapers in Russia. Ever since six journalists of NG were murdered in the line of duty, chief editor Muratov worries about the danger his colleagues get themselves into. Pavel Kanygin is one of NG’s star reporters. While covering the Ukraine, he has been kidnapped and beaten up twice by pro-Russia rebels. And of course he has been reporting … More

— Added Friday, May 17, 2024
Directed by Kees Schaap • Documentary • 2016 • 42 minutes • First Hand Films

Fidan travels to Hong Kong, where the free press is slowly being silenced by communist China. According to Shirley Yam of the Hong Kong Journalist Association it is like boiling a frog: “If you boil the water slowly the frogs doesn’t notice, until it’s fully cooked and ready to be eaten”. Hong Kong is formally part of the Peoples Republic of China, but when the British handed over the islands to China … More

— Added Friday, May 17, 2024
Directed by Kees Schaap • Documentary • 2016 • 42 minutes • First Hand Films

Fidan arrives in Yangon on the eve before the latest elections. The military regime has promised fair elections, but who can tell what will really happen? There is one television station that has committed itself to monitoring the election process and uncovering all irregularities that may occur: The Democratic Voice of Burma. Than Win Htut and the staff of DVB have trained hundreds of citizens all … More

— Added Friday, May 17, 2024
Directed by Kees Schaap • Documentary • 2016 • 42 minutes • First Hand Films

In this episode Fidan visits Henry Ramirez, a local journalist in the port city of Buenaventura. Its harbor attracts powerful criminals and drug smugglers , making it one of the most violent cities in Colombia. Henry has disclosed the existence of “casas de pique” slaughterhouses where paramilitary gang members chopped people up alive. His story was picked up internationally and caused the army to … More